Unique towns

[Travel Spirit Against Coronavirus] Visit Unique Towns with the Animal Games (part 2)

2. Home Sheep Home 2

What is unfortunate is that Shaun and his friends get lost and have spent hours walking around to find the right bus. You are here to help them get home. 

You have to finish each level in this game so that Shaun and his friends can go home. You have to move Shaun, Timmy, and Shirley. To move them, use four arrow keys and spacebar for jumping. It would help if you tried the training section before starting the game. In this section, you are received detailed guideline. After finishing at, you are skilful enough to start the journey.

The bottom line: You join with Shaun and his friends Shirley and Timmy in an adventure in London.

3. Nimble Fish

It’s time to discover the ocean. Under the shallow water, it’s a different world with mysterious and dangerous things. You are a tiny fish, and grumpy jellyfish and scary yellow fish always threaten your life. The best way the help you survive is schooling with other small fish. So, you decided to travel around to call for establishing an association.

Use the mouse to move your fish. Whenever you meet a small fish like you, hit him to make him become your company. But, try to avoid jellyfish and yellow fish with a prominent jaw. Each time you crash into these creatures, you lose one member in your school. Try to swim fast and survive!

The bottom line: You are a tiny fish, and your life is always threatened by grumpy jellyfish and scary yellow fish.

The verdict: Have you enjoyed discovering the exciting animal world?

Here are three exciting online animal games that bring you to the animal world. You will have various experiences with these funny animals when joining in their adventures. Life is short, so savor everything you go through, including these ones1