The 5 most unique small towns in Italy for discoverers

Alberobello – the town of fairy houses

Alberobello Dubbed the village of hobbits. Alberobello is the tranquility of the village with strange architectural works. The houses here are just overlapping stones. The roof is designed in the shape of a dome, cone or pyramid. They are painted magical or pagan symbols like the houses of witches in an ancient story

Modica town – the land of Chocolate

Modica town attracts four-way tourists because of its peaceful setting. Besides, tourists are also attracted by the taste of Chocolate. Here is the secret of the unique method of processing chocolate of the Aztecs. Today, the flavor is changed to suit the more modern taste, however, the taste of chocolate still does not change because the Modica people keep the traditional method.

Bolgheri – the town of great wines

Bolgheri is considered to be the most delicious wine production in Italy. Guests come here to enjoy great wine and attractive local dishes. They also heard stories about wine.

Cinque Terre – The land of five colorful villages

The Cinque Terre is a town consisting of five colorful villages located on the slopes. All these villages have their own unique beauty. You will not be able to skip anywhere when visiting this town. Cinque Terre will be an ideal venue for your family’s tour.

Town of Matera – Where there are stone houses

The town of Matera is on the side of a gorge with black-and-white houses. all buildings such as canals, tanks, houses, streets, interlocking stairs are built in stone from prehistoric times to now.

Especially two neighborhoods Sasso Barisano and Sasso Caveoso are separated into two valleys and the Roman Duomo church. It is like a natural fortress to the city.