Point Roberts: American town seems to be located on the territory of Canada (part 2)

Because of its unique geographical location, residents in the region also have a strange life. Every day, a large number of Canadians living just north of Point Roberts have to cross the border to go to the market, refuel because the price in the US is as cheap as 1/3 of their country. Many Canadian diners are not afraid to go abroad to enjoy a medium-sized beef burger. This is something that does not exist in Vancouver because of strict food safety and hygiene laws. Point Roberts is surprisingly safe due to the strict border security that the crime rate in this town is three times lower than the entire state of Washington.

Despite its high quality of life, this completely isolated town from America faces unprecedented difficulties. The Point Roberts county administration was so late in providing the infrastructure that it took two years to install a traffic light. Business is also slow to grow, except in the summer when tourists flock here from Canada.

The residents of Point Roberts don’t even have a shoe store, veterinarian or dentist. The town has a school enough for students in grades 4 through 12. Therefore, the children have to travel abroad to cross the Tsawwassen peninsula, around the Canadian city of White Rock, to finally re-enter Blaine, Washington to go to school. The children’s daily path of school is about 40 minutes in the afternoon, 40 minutes in the afternoon, a total of 4 immigration times. For students living at Point Roberts, Blaine High School buses depart at 6:25 am, before sunrise for most of the school year.

Considering both the pros and cons of geography, Point Roberts is an interesting place. This town exists due to misinformation, but it shows that people can fully adapt to the situation.

However, a new challenge for the people of Point Roberts today is the unprecedented prolonged border closure of both the US and Canada because of Covid-19. Point Roberts originally had close ties to neighboring friends, but now most Canadian tourists, a significant source of revenue for the local economy, are banned from entering the town. Even delivering food to home for customers right on the peninsula is also difficult for restaurants in town, because international shipping costs are expensive.

Point Roberts residents can now only travel abroad to go to work, medical examination in the US and are not allowed to stop within Canada during the journey. The remaining ways for them to enter the US mainland are by private boats, or by flights twice a week to Bellingham, Washington for $ 135.

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10 most romantic towns in France (part 2)


Located on the peaceful Launch River of the Alsace region, Colmar is known as the small Venice of France by the quiet old town, many small houses looking down on the clear water, the balcony filled with flowers leaves, winding cobblestones or passionate aromatic coffee shops.

Besides, Colmar also owns 2 large churches built from the 13th century with many Gothic architecture Saint Martin. Experiencing many ups and downs, moving, this small town still retains a quiet and gentle beauty with a slow and calm life. In addition, this is also one of the most famous wine growing regions in France with a series of annual festivals related to this famous drink.


Bậcze is the most beautiful town in the south of France, Èze is located between Nice province and Monaco country. It will be interesting and happy if you are wandering around the mysterious alley slopes of this romantic land. Every step, accidentally or intentionally, will lead you to a passionate scene. It can be romantic roads, charming stone houses, luxurious restaurants, cozy shops, green yard corners, mossy walls, brilliant paper trusses or deep blue ocean.


Located on the southern cliff of the Vaucluse plateau, Provence region in southern France, Gordes overlooks the verdant Cavaillon valley and is nearly 600 km from Paris. In the 16th century, when a series of religious conflicts continued to erupt in the country, farmers in the midlands of the Alps moved here to defend and defend.

Referring to this dreamy town, we cannot ignore the elegant architecture of the houses built from beige boulders. When the sunset gradually sets, the rays of the sun at the end of the day will sparkle and gently pour into the space, making the whole village shine brightly in the magical orange. All have created the legendary colors for this humble land.

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10 most romantic towns in France (part 1)

France is not only famous for fashion, wine or perfume. The most romantic country in the world also makes us captivated by the peaceful countryside with fairy colors.

Not owning many modern shops, luxury restaurants or art museums, the 10 charming towns below have charming, rustic and original beauty. These are vivid examples of the impressive Renaissance architectural style as well as the everlasting cultural and historical flow and the French people’s dream of conquering new lands.


E nestled on the green Lake Annecy, Annecy is like a jewel of the Alps. 300 km southeast of Paris, this peaceful town is famous for its lovely old houses, lush green canals all year round and pure, fresh plateau atmosphere.

Coming to Annecy, visitors can not ignore the Pont des Amours, where couples hand knitting stroll leisurely and exchange the most passionate kisses. In addition, if you are passionate about learning about culture and history, you must definitely visit the Château d’Annecy castle and museum! This place has many interesting surprises waiting for you to discover.


Located in a high hill of the Languedoc region in southwestern France, Carcassone is one of the typical medieval towns in the country of hexagon. From the majestic castles looking down, the majestic, spectacular landscape here will make you feel like you are becoming the hegemony of the world.

Carcassone used to be on the arterial axis of traffic between the ancient nations of France and Spain. Therefore, past wars have turned the town into a major military base with a series of fortified fortresses. Located on a windy high hill, the citadels built of gray stone are still intact to this day. Despite the harsh flow of time, these buildings still stand silhouetted against a deep blue sky.


The romantic town of Cluny is surrounded by Burgundy, a peaceful, quiet countryside with immense green hills. Not only possessing charming natural scenery, this place is also the cradle of many ancient monasteries. In contrast to the vibrant green of the vineyards, Cluny Monastery stands out by its solid stone wall and numerous sculptures imbued with religious breath.

Benedictine, the second largest monastery in the West of Christendom, is also the great pride of the people here. In addition, the ancient Abbot Jean de Bourbon palace will bring visitors unique cultural and historical experiences. If conditional, you should choose to stay at the hotel Château d’Igé. This magnificent building is tucked away in the famous wine region of Mâconnais, and is cuddled with shady old trees and beautiful rose gardens.

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Tencent Esports Town: A Paradise for Gamers

Known as Tencent Esports Town, the area will include an esports park, an esports university, an innovative cultural park, etc. Tencent Group has received a lot of attention from esports lovers about the grand scheme called Tencent Esports Town in China.

As you know, Tencent Group has successfully acquired the entire Studio Riot Games. After that, Riot Games officially became a subsidiary of Tencent Group, which is also the largest Game Distributor in China today. In addition to building many forms of esports, Tencent also proposes that it will regularly organize events related to national esports and where Tencent’s games are developed.

Over the past few years, esports has steadily asserted its position and has continued to accelerate its growth. Now, in any country, the establishment of esports teams is no longer something too strange. Not only that, with the steps of professionalization, gamers now officially become a profession. Moreover, the events of esports appear more and more professionally, thus creating many famous professional gamers in the world. Game culture is ingrained in everyone’s subconscious mind, and it’s no surprise that professional gamers are esports athletes. The rapid growth of e-sports industry has partly motivated big corporation Tencent to build a separate land for the strong e-commerce industry in China.

With such development, it is certainly not unreasonable that the largest gaming group like Tencent came up with ideas for the development of esports. Indeed, this group has officially announced the construction of an e-sports town in Wuhu City, China. A successful contract signed by the government of Yuhu Province that posted this news on its official website in 2017 verified the rumor then. Known as Tencent Esports Town, The area includes an esports park, an esports university, a creative cultural park, a comic and anime park, a business community, a large data center and more to organize. another.

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Colmar: A Fairy Town of France

With colorful half-timbered houses running along the canal, Colmar is considered one of the most beautiful medieval towns in the world.

Nestled among the vine-foothills of the Vosges mountains, in the Alsace region, northeastern France, Colmar is one of Europe’s best-preserved medieval towns. Colmar is located about 70 km from Strasbourg and borders Germany. The town is also located on the main railway from Strasbourg to Besel, Switzerland.

It was founded in 884 by emperor Charles III (Charles The Fat), the Carolingian empire. Historically, Colmar was once owned by Sweden or Germany.

During World War II, the surrounding areas were bombed and ravaged, however Colmar remained intact. Until 1945, this place was officially a part of France. Despite its tumultuous history of wars and fires, the buildings of Colmar retain their ancient beauty to this day.

Colmar features half-timbered houses with shades of green, pink, mint and apricot gold. All are located neatly on the cobblestone streets leading to the peaceful canal. People often keep the streets organized and decorate the house like a work of art, with baskets of flowers, lights and old bicycles.

Wandering on the street, many visitors seem to be lost in fairy tales in childhood. British travel blogger Lucy wrote tall towers that could be where Rapunzel let her long hair flow through the window, while small houses were like dwarfs.

The first attraction is the Maison Adolph, the oldest architecture in the town, built around 1350. The house is influenced by Gothic architecture, with pointed arches, German style. The third floor and half-timbered walls in the roof were added in the 16th century.

The Pfister house was built in 1537 and the owner was the hunter Ludwig Scherer. A two-story corner house, a wood gallery, an octagonal turret, and murals that show biblical images. The name Pfister is named after a family who renovated the house and lived there from 1841 to 1892.

The “jewel” of the town is the Petit Venice district, dubbed the small Venice of France. The short, smooth channel flows through the neighborhood. The banks of the canal are planted with green trees and colorful flowers. Some buildings here date from the 14th century.

There is a boat tour, sightseeing on the canal. Each trip lasts 25 minutes and the boatman will explain and introduce the history and story of the town. The boat departs at the foot of the Saint-Pierre Bridge, cost 7 EUR per person, free for children under 10 years old.

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10 most beautiful small towns in Europe (Part 1)

Europe owns many beautiful small towns with beautiful nature and breathtaking scenery. Below are 10 such beautiful towns in Europe to explore!

1. Mostar Bosnia

Mostar Bosnia is an ancient city located deep in the valley of the Neretva river in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina. With 113,169 inhabitants, it is the third largest town in the country, founded in the 13th century. There are many ancient Ottoman, Austrian architectures.

Mostar Bosnia is located on the Neretva river in turquoise color with elegant ancient towers and colorful markets. In particular, the Old Bridge dating to the 16th century was built by the Ottomans, characterized by Islamic architecture in the Balkan.

2. Town of Positano, Italy

Positano is a beautiful little coastal city, on the coast of Amalfi, Campania, Italy. There are many colorful houses with many picturesque stone stairs. The town is located on a hill with below the Amalfi Sea. In the past, this was a less developed fishing village until the first half of the 20th century. After that, the attractiveness of the place became more and more popular in the 1950s.

In the midst of a picturesque coastal town, the highlight is the old Collegiata di Santa Maria Assunta church with a great roof with Mediterranean beaches, attractive harbor, shops, restaurants, and 13th-century architecture.

3. Wengen, Switzerland

Wengen is a resort city in Bernese Oberland, Canton of Bern, located in central Switzerland. Wengen is located on a 400m high slopes against the Lauterbrunnen valley, from here can admire the beauty of the 4,000m high Bernese Alps. Above there are villages with traditional wooden houses. Wengen ski resort is surrounded by the Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau, and Lauberhorn mountains.

4. Bibury, England

Bibury attracts many tourists located in Gloucestershire, England, on the River Coln and the beautiful romantic stone river houses along the Saxon Church, St Mary’s Church. With water meadows and romantic rivers, Bibury is loved by visitors with forests and grasslands of many wildlife species. It is particularly beautiful on sunny summer evenings or in cold winter.

Bibury attracts many tourists located in Gloucestershire, England, on the River Coln and the beautiful romantic stone river houses along the Saxon Church, St Mary’s Church. With water meadows and romantic rivers, Bibury is loved by visitors with forests and grasslands of many wildlife species. It is particularly beautiful on sunny summer evenings or in cold winter.