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Tencent Esports Town: A Paradise for Gamers

Known as Tencent Esports Town, the area will include an esports park, an esports university, an innovative cultural park, etc. Tencent Group has received a lot of attention from esports lovers about the grand scheme called Tencent Esports Town in China.

As you know, Tencent Group has successfully acquired the entire Studio Riot Games. After that, Riot Games officially became a subsidiary of Tencent Group, which is also the largest Game Distributor in China today. In addition to building many forms of esports, Tencent also proposes that it will regularly organize events related to national esports and where Tencent’s games are developed.

Over the past few years, esports has steadily asserted its position and has continued to accelerate its growth. Now, in any country, the establishment of esports teams is no longer something too strange. Not only that, with the steps of professionalization, gamers now officially become a profession. Moreover, the events of esports appear more and more professionally, thus creating many famous professional gamers in the world. Game culture is ingrained in everyone’s subconscious mind, and it’s no surprise that professional gamers are esports athletes. The rapid growth of e-sports industry has partly motivated big corporation Tencent to build a separate land for the strong e-commerce industry in China.

With such development, it is certainly not unreasonable that the largest gaming group like Tencent came up with ideas for the development of esports. Indeed, this group has officially announced the construction of an e-sports town in Wuhu City, China. A successful contract signed by the government of Yuhu Province that posted this news on its official website in 2017 verified the rumor then. Known as Tencent Esports Town, The area includes an esports park, an esports university, a creative cultural park, a comic and anime park, a business community, a large data center and more to organize. another.