The most beautiful fairy village in the world

The Dutch village of Giethoorn looks peaceful, separate from the world. A quiet river, quiet dreamy scenery as coming out of fairy tales.

In Giethoorn, cars’ smoke and sirens do not exist. When coming here, people have to leave cars outside the village, rent boats called “Whisper boats” with no-noise engines to “approach” the village, or can walk through more than 176 trees. wooden arch bridge.

Many houses are still inaccessible by road. Even the postman has to deliver letters by boat.

Boat rental here averages 20 euros/hour. Normally, in about 2 hours, you can complete the journey to explore this small village. Before letting you roam the boat to explore the village, the boat owner will have 10 minutes to practice sailing skills, check to see if you have enough skill and skill to control.

In Giethoorn, the loudest sound you can hear is the whirring sound of ducks swimming under the water, or the cries of other birds occasionally flapping their wings over the top of their heads. At this point, I rented a boat from the locals for 20 euros/hour. In about 3 hours, I completed my journey to explore this small village.

The boat glides along the small canals, through houses with thatched roofs dating back to the 18th century, certainly giving you an unforgettable feeling. Every season, Giethoorn wears a new shirt. I went to Giethoorn on the early summer days. The sky is clear, the sun shines down on the brilliant trees and the remaining spring tulip buds …

Giethoorn is a town in the Overijssel province, Netherlands. Giethoorn was discovered by a migrant group from the Mediterranean in the 1230s. The name Giethoorn came from the discovery of the first inhabitants, who found hundreds of goat horns as a result of the flood of the calendar. history in the 10th century.

The people in Giethoorn value the tranquility and peaceful life, so if you visit the village, respect the local culture.

The restaurants and shops here also have fairy colors. The houses are hidden beneath the trees and the vines covered with increasing mystery. The river is still, far away are small houses with children playing, adults fishing. The sun shines sunset, giving Giethoorn a romantic beauty. The ducks flew through the boat’s bow, echoing a quiet area. This village experience is a worthwhile experience, so come at least once in your life.