The magic attraction of the beautiful small town romantic

Peaceful scenery, ancient architecture and wonderful climate are the reasons for small towns but attract tourists to visit.

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Sidi Bou Said is a small town located near Tunis, Tunisia, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Besides the beautiful landscapes, the town is said to be the inspiration of many famous artists, including Swiss artist Paul Klee. Photo: Shutterstock / Sidi Bou Said.

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Alberobello, located in Puglia, Italy, is famous for houses with a unique pyramid-shaped architecture, recognized as a World Heritage by UNESCO. Alberobello tourist town has a beautiful landscape with lots of quality restaurants. Photo: Shutterstock / Littleaom.

The old town of Annecy is located on Lake Annecy, France, with medieval blocks painted in vivid colors, giving visitors the feeling of looking at a miniature Venice. Visit Annecy, visit the ancient prison of Palais de I’lle and the castle Château d’Annecy, considered a symbol of the town. Photo: Shutterstock / byvalet.

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Sedona, Arizona is often listed on America’s smallest town list. At any hotel in town, you can easily admire majestic sandstone mountains. This is also an ideal place for visitors with many resort services and roads for those who like hiking. Photo: Shutterstock / Josemaria Toscano.

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The coastal town of Positano in Italy is the favorite destination of celebrities. The beauty of the mix of colorful houses such as white, pink and gold combined with the blue of the Mediterranean sea can surprise visitors. Guests can also walk around and explore chic fashion stores, restaurants and colorful streets. Photo: Shutterstock.

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Hoi An ancient town located near the Thu Bon river mouth, Quang Nam province, is one of the top rated destinations in Vietnam. Here, the old houses are specially preserved. Peaceful and ancient looks in the old town create a sense of relaxation for any tourists who come here. Photo: Shutterstock / Banana Republic Images.

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Dinan is a picturesque town in Brittany, France, overlooking the poetic Rance river. Guests can walk the streets and admire the artworks in galleries and craft shops. Photo: Shutterstock / canadastock.

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The town of Albarracín is located on the mountain top above Río Guadalaviar in Spain’s Teruel province. Here, visitors will feel like being back to the past and discover wooden houses, ancient fortress walls and maze-like streets. Photo: Shutterstock / Albarracin.

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The tourist town of Bled in Slovenia, is known for its charming scenery. Bled town is a church located on a small island in the middle of the lake, a medieval castle located on a cliff and majestic mountains of the Julian Alps. Bled is loved by the romantic atmosphere and activities like hiking, cycling and canoeing. Photo: Shutterstock / Ales Krivec.


5 most popular Cambodian tourist destinations

1. The Angkor Wat temple

Angkor Wat is one of the destinations that Cambodian tourists are self-sufficient and follow the most visited tour in the world. In particular, during the holidays this place attracts thousands of visitors to visit. Because the architectural ruins here are not only beautiful but also hidden something very subtle.

Angkor temple complex includes more than 1,000 temples and sanctuaries within 200 square kilometers. In it, Angkor Wat temple is the most popular Cambodian tourist destination. Besides, there are a number of other temples that are worth visiting, such as Ta Prohm with the ruined ruins of trees, the temples built between the 8th and 13th centuries that have been restored.

2. Koh Rong Island

Want to find a Cambodian tourist destination to relax? You dream about endless beaches with white sand, clear water, and magnificent tourist resorts but still keep the pure nature? So, Koh Rong is the most suitable island for you!

The island is about 25 km from Sihanoukville. So far, the Cambodian landscape on this island still keeps its peaceful beauty, shallow beaches with blue water in the bottom, the wooden piers reach the sea full of romance. In particular, coming here you will not be disturbed by the noise of engine cars, motorbikes or tuk-tuk but only a few hotels and resorts to serve tourists.

3. Phnom Penh

Located at the junction of Tonle Sap River and Mekong River, Phnom Penh is the vibrant capital of Cambodia with about 1.5 million inhabitants. It is interesting to sit on the cycle and explore Phnom Penh city center, visit the beautiful Wat Phnom temple, Cambodia Royal Palace and the fair.

In Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum and Killing Fields you can experience and learn about Cambodia’s dark history. In addition, along the streets of 240 interesting shops located close together easily satisfy the shopping pleasure of all visitors. Therefore, Phnom Penh is one of the 10 most popular Cambodian tourist destinations.

4. Banteay Chhmar Temple

Banteay Chhmar temples are located in the northwest of Cambodia, 165 km from Angkor, near the Thai border. The Banteay Temple of Chhmar is the same size and splendor as Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom, so it is also one of the attractions that tourists traveling to Cambodia cannot miss. However, in this area visitors will not be able to find a hotel. However, you can apply to stay overnight in a family in Banteay Chhmar, this is probably a unique experience that you should try.

5. Beng Mealea / Banteay Srei

You will have a great day trip from Siem Reap by car, or motorbike when visiting Beng Mealea and Banteay Srei. Beng Mealea temples are located in a forest, trees are growing from the middle of ruins in cool light. Banteay Srei is a complex fairytale temple from the 10th century and is one of the most popular Cambodian tourist destinations. Unlike other temples, Banteay Srei temple is built of pink marble and gently sculpted.

3 Beautiful Towns in Alberta, Canada As Ideal Destinations

3 Beautiful Towns in Alberta, Canada As Ideal Destinations

Alberta in Western Canada is known for its beauty, with majestic Canadian rocks in the middle of the province. It is made up of many small towns, each with its own vibe.

There are towns known for murals, picturesque rivers or historic buildings. Check out Alberta’s most beautiful towns!


Jasper’s town is the starting point for exploring Jasper National Park, in the Canadian Rockies. But the town is gorgeous in its own right.

Jasper is surrounded by mountains and is the definition of exotic. The town attracts many tourists with manicured gardens, buildings are decorated with stone facades and flower pots hanging around the main street during warmer months.

Come to the town, visitors can enjoy the surroundings of the town’s impressive National Park. You can take a boat ride to Whistler Mountain, have a peaceful time in natural hot springs, admire the turquoise lake or ski at Marmot Falls.

Waterton Park

Waterton Park, also known simply as Waterton, is found in southwestern Alberta. It is located in Waterton Lake National Park, which actually becomes the Glacier National Park across the border in Montana.

3 Beautiful Towns in Alberta, Canada As Ideal Destinations

The Alberta Tourism Website describes its beauty in a sentence: “Nowhere else in the world will you find a UNESCO World Heritage Site, International Peace Park and Rolled Biosphere Reserve into one.” Go to Waterton while it’s still intact and not crowded!


Legal may be a small town, but it has an interesting history. In 1894, it was founded as a French-speaking community. It was awarded the title of the French Painting Capital of the World in 2011, with more than 35 unique murals painted throughout the town.

Clearly, people from all over the world come to see this beautiful Northern Alberta and its paintings. Its location, only a 45-minute drive north of Edmonton, makes it great for day trips.


The most beautiful fairy village in the world

The Dutch village of Giethoorn looks peaceful, separate from the world. A quiet river, quiet dreamy scenery as coming out of fairy tales.

In Giethoorn, cars’ smoke and sirens do not exist. When coming here, people have to leave cars outside the village, rent boats called “Whisper boats” with no-noise engines to “approach” the village, or can walk through more than 176 trees. wooden arch bridge.

Many houses are still inaccessible by road. Even the postman has to deliver letters by boat.

Boat rental here averages 20 euros/hour. Normally, in about 2 hours, you can complete the journey to explore this small village. Before letting you roam the boat to explore the village, the boat owner will have 10 minutes to practice sailing skills, check to see if you have enough skill and skill to control.

In Giethoorn, the loudest sound you can hear is the whirring sound of ducks swimming under the water, or the cries of other birds occasionally flapping their wings over the top of their heads. At this point, I rented a boat from the locals for 20 euros/hour. In about 3 hours, I completed my journey to explore this small village.

The boat glides along the small canals, through houses with thatched roofs dating back to the 18th century, certainly giving you an unforgettable feeling. Every season, Giethoorn wears a new shirt. I went to Giethoorn on the early summer days. The sky is clear, the sun shines down on the brilliant trees and the remaining spring tulip buds …

Giethoorn is a town in the Overijssel province, Netherlands. Giethoorn was discovered by a migrant group from the Mediterranean in the 1230s. The name Giethoorn came from the discovery of the first inhabitants, who found hundreds of goat horns as a result of the flood of the calendar. history in the 10th century.

The people in Giethoorn value the tranquility and peaceful life, so if you visit the village, respect the local culture.

The restaurants and shops here also have fairy colors. The houses are hidden beneath the trees and the vines covered with increasing mystery. The river is still, far away are small houses with children playing, adults fishing. The sun shines sunset, giving Giethoorn a romantic beauty. The ducks flew through the boat’s bow, echoing a quiet area. This village experience is a worthwhile experience, so come at least once in your life.

The 5 most unique small towns in Italy

The 5 most unique small towns in Italy

Italy is not only famous for the bustling big cities but also impressed by many unique small towns. Let’s explore it now!

Referring to Italy, people often think of big tourist cities like Rome, Florence, Venice or Milan. However, the following 3 of the most unique small towns in Italy will make you really surprised with their stories and secrets.

Alberobello – the town of fairy houses

Dubbed the hobbit village, Alberobello brings the tranquil breath of the countryside with strange architecture. The houses here are just stones that are stacked on top of each other without mortar. The roof is designed in the form of arches, cones or pyramids and painted magic or pagan symbols like the houses of witches in ancient stories. Homes in Alberobello have a very unique design, which attracts many tourists to visit.

The 5 most unique small towns in Italy

 Modica town – the land of Chocolate

The town of Modica not only appeals to four-way tourists by its peaceful setting but also by the excellent taste of the famous chocolate. This place is keeping a secret about the unique method of processing chocolate of the Aztecs hundreds of years ago.

Bolgheri – the town of great wines

Bolgheri is considered to be one of Italy’s finest wine producers. Tourists come here not only to enjoy excellent wine with attractive local dishes but also hear about the stories of wine from the time of Etruscan civilization.

In addition, a special thing at Bolgheri is the three-mile road to the village with 2500 Cypress trees and the immense vineyards on either side. How wonderful it is to see the beautiful scenery of nature and enjoy the fascinating glass of wine!

Above are three of the most unique towns in Italy. If you have a chance, come visit them. Hope you will have a great experience!


The 5 most unique small towns in Italy for discoverers

Alberobello – the town of fairy houses

Alberobello Dubbed the village of hobbits. Alberobello is the tranquility of the village with strange architectural works. The houses here are just overlapping stones. The roof is designed in the shape of a dome, cone or pyramid. They are painted magical or pagan symbols like the houses of witches in an ancient story

Modica town – the land of Chocolate

Modica town attracts four-way tourists because of its peaceful setting. Besides, tourists are also attracted by the taste of Chocolate. Here is the secret of the unique method of processing chocolate of the Aztecs. Today, the flavor is changed to suit the more modern taste, however, the taste of chocolate still does not change because the Modica people keep the traditional method.

Bolgheri – the town of great wines

Bolgheri is considered to be the most delicious wine production in Italy. Guests come here to enjoy great wine and attractive local dishes. They also heard stories about wine.

Cinque Terre – The land of five colorful villages

The Cinque Terre is a town consisting of five colorful villages located on the slopes. All these villages have their own unique beauty. You will not be able to skip anywhere when visiting this town. Cinque Terre will be an ideal venue for your family’s tour.

Town of Matera – Where there are stone houses

The town of Matera is on the side of a gorge with black-and-white houses. all buildings such as canals, tanks, houses, streets, interlocking stairs are built in stone from prehistoric times to now.

Especially two neighborhoods Sasso Barisano and Sasso Caveoso are separated into two valleys and the Roman Duomo church. It is like a natural fortress to the city.


The highest peaks on the planet and continents

The rooftop of the world – Mount Everest is 8,848m high

Mount Everest was conquered in 1953 by two climbers Edmund Hillary (New Zealand) and Tenzing Norgay (Nepal). To this day, this peak is still an attractive challenge for those who like to conquer the peak.

The roof of America – Peak Aconcagua is 6,959m high

Mount Aconcagua is located on the longest mountain range in the world Andes in Mendoza province in Argentina. It is the peak of the Americas with a height of 6,959m above sea level. This peak was first conquered in 1897 by Swiss Matthias Zurbriggen.

The roof of the Black Continent – Kilimanjaro Peak 5.895m high

Mount Kilimanjaro is not located in a mountain system (mountain range). It is an independent mountain located in Tanzania. Mount Kilimanjaro has a height of 5,895m above sea level. People set foot on this mountain in 1889. They were Hans Meyer and Yohanas Kinyala Lauwo.

The roof of the Old Continent – High Elbrus Peak 5,642m

Elbrus peak is located on a Caucasus mountain range. It cuts across the Asian continent – u divide this continent into two continents: Asia and Europe. The highest part of this mountain range lies in the territory of the Russian Federation, part of Europe. This mountain peak is 5,642m above sea level. The first person to conquer this mountain was a native Kilav Khachirov in 1829.

The roof of Antarctica – the peak of Vinson Massif 4.892m high

Mount Vinson Massif is 1200km from the South Pole of the Earth. This mountain peak is 4,892m above sea level. This peak was conquered by American climber Nicholas Clinch along with his team in 1966.

The roof of Australia – Kosciuszko Peak 2,228m high

Kosciuszko peak is 2,228m above sea level. This mountain has no rivals in Australia. It is located in Kosciuszko National Park in New South Wales, Australia. In 1840, Paweł Edmund Strzelecki became the first person to conquer this peak.

Check out the most unique towns in the world

Check out the most unique towns in the world

Not only are small houses, trees and peaceful people, but the towns listed below contain strange and somewhat unique features, which attracts lots of tourists.

Chamula town, Mexico

This remote Mexican highland town has a very special practice, that is, they don’t like taking pictures. The Chamula people thought that taking photos would take a part of their souls, the tourists and reporters who came here only dared to sneak from afar, but few could take people close-up.

Chamula is as beautiful and attractive as other highlands, with a clean and cool environment, but this town often hosts witchcraft ceremonies that visitors are not allowed to attend. Hundreds of candles will be lit up, christmas music pops across town, every citizen hugs a raw chicken and sips… coke. They believe that belching after drinking carbonated water will chase out the evil air, make people healthier.

The town of Dwarf, China

This town is called Dwarf as literally, residents of this place are not allowed to be taller than 1.3 meters. Even the jobs that need height like firefighters are also taken care of by dwarves.

The dwarf town is located in Kunming Province, China. The town was established in 2009 by a group of dwarfs living in the nearby city. They built houses and parks in the size of dwarves, attracting very much many tourists come here every year.

Check out the most unique towns in the world

Coober Pedy town, Australia

Coober Pedy town is home to about 3,500 people. They are ordinary people, no bizarre practices, where Coober people live with enough churches, museums, exhibitions, bars and hotels. This underground town is located in southern Australia, which is a long-established Opal stone mining system. The air is always cool, airy and dry.

Above are 3 of the most unique towns in the world, which worth visiting if you want a new experience.

The first hexagonal town in Europe

The first hexagonal town in Europe

Built in the late 17th century, Grammichele is one of the few towns in the world that has a unique plan left to this day.

Town history

Located in the province of Catania, which is in the island of Sicily, Italy, Grammichele was founded after a massive earthquake that occurred in 1693. This disaster swept away a previous settlement called Occhialà, to the north of Grammichele. The survivors then built a new town, named Grammichele. The town was named after St. Michele in the hope that the saint will protect the new town from the next disaster.

The prince of Roccella and Butera, Carlo Maria Carafa Branciforte, ordered to build the town. Designed by Michele da Ferla, Grammichele is known as the first city in Europe that was arranged in hexagonal form.

Special construction structure

Many people believe that this plan was inspired by Palmanova, a fortified town built a hundred years ago. The difference is that Palmanova is based on nine-sided polygons, while the Grammichele is hexagonal with endless expansion. The whole town is divided into 6 areas, with 6 arterial roads converging on the main square.

The first hexagonal town in Europe

In the town, many areas are created for people to gather in a disaster. These square areas are about the same size. All are connected by a concentric road network around the main hexagon square, called Prince Carafa Square. In addition to hexagons, four rectangular districts were designed. One of them is expected to build the Prince’s Palace but this has never been carried out.

A nice town tourism

To reach this unique town, visitors can book flights to Catania-Fontanarossa airport. This is the closest airport to Catania and also one of the busy airports in Italy. From the airport, visitors can take the AMT Alibus bus to the city center station. Buses have a scheduled 25-minute trip, departing from 4h40 to midnight. Bus fare is 4 euros.

The smallest town in the world - Croatia's favorite destination

The smallest town in the world – Croatia’s favorite destination

Hum town, with only 17 inhabitants, is one of Croatia’s most attractive destinations. Let’s join discover what’s interesting inside it!

Hum – the world’s smallest town

Hum is a 349-meter town on the top of Istria hill, Croatia. It is recognized as the smallest town in the world. This town was founded in the 11th century, when the Hum castle was built on the ruins of an ancient Roman settlement. After that, the first houses appeared.

Hum town is built and developed inside the castle walls without spreading out. Until the 17th century, in historical documents, Hum was called a “castrum”, meaning “fortress”. Today, the town has only 20 buildings on two paved streets with 17 people living in it.

Ways to Hum Town

The most interesting way to travel to Hum is to go from Roc town, 3 km from Hum, along the road with huge stone monuments. Each statue represents a letter of the Glagolitic alphabet, so this road is called “Glagolitic road”.

You can enter the town via a single gate, which was built in 1562 and upgraded by modern workers.

A great destination

Thanks to its peculiarity, the town is truly unique and interesting both historically and culturally. Hum town is especially attractive to nature lovers. Forests, meadows and hills are stunning for long walks or short family excursions.

Despite its small size, Hum has all the usual town services, including: central square, post office, temple, town cemetery, craft souvenirs shop, a local wine store and city museum. Visitors can visit Hum’s traditional konoba restaurant, where you will be invited to try a local herb 38% alcohol made by the 2000-year-old receipt – Humska Biska.