3 Beautiful Towns in Alberta, Canada As Ideal Destinations

3 Beautiful Towns in Alberta, Canada As Ideal Destinations

Alberta in Western Canada is known for its beauty, with majestic Canadian rocks in the middle of the province. It is made up of many small towns, each with its own vibe.

There are towns known for murals, picturesque rivers or historic buildings. Check out Alberta’s most beautiful towns!


Jasper’s town is the starting point for exploring Jasper National Park, in the Canadian Rockies. But the town is gorgeous in its own right.

Jasper is surrounded by mountains and is the definition of exotic. The town attracts many tourists with manicured gardens, buildings are decorated with stone facades and flower pots hanging around the main street during warmer months.

Come to the town, visitors can enjoy the surroundings of the town’s impressive National Park. You can take a boat ride to Whistler Mountain, have a peaceful time in natural hot springs, admire the turquoise lake or ski at Marmot Falls.

Waterton Park

Waterton Park, also known simply as Waterton, is found in southwestern Alberta. It is located in Waterton Lake National Park, which actually becomes the Glacier National Park across the border in Montana.

3 Beautiful Towns in Alberta, Canada As Ideal Destinations

The Alberta Tourism Website describes its beauty in a sentence: “Nowhere else in the world will you find a UNESCO World Heritage Site, International Peace Park and Rolled Biosphere Reserve into one.” Go to Waterton while it’s still intact and not crowded!


Legal may be a small town, but it has an interesting history. In 1894, it was founded as a French-speaking community. It was awarded the title of the French Painting Capital of the World in 2011, with more than 35 unique murals painted throughout the town.

Clearly, people from all over the world come to see this beautiful Northern Alberta and its paintings. Its location, only a 45-minute drive north of Edmonton, makes it great for day trips.